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FOSS Community, India Wiki is started by Praveen A to connect various disconnected FOSS Communities in India and co-ordinate FOSS related activities across India. It is maintained by the active users. This wiki could play 'decentralised central resource' (index of active communities) as every one gets to fill in their parts and one could find all parts in one place.

Currently there is a proposal being discussed in our loomio group to define basic principles of this collective and document new member process for sustainable teams.

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software.

The resource we manage/use include,

  1. Matrix room at
  2. A Wiki at (this wiki)
  3. A mailing list
  4. IRC Channel #fsci at
  5. A loomio group
  6. A Diaspora pod/Matrix server at

And a list of domains we manage are available here