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High Priority Projects

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Make xmpp reliable on mobile

This is significant to get people out of whats app. current status and other todos

  1. make sure all xmpp clients and servers have the following xeps implmented.
  • XEP-0198: Stream Management for mobile client connections
  • XEP-0199: XMPP Ping set to ping you every 5 minutes, with a 2 minutes timeout
  • XEP-0280: Message Carbons for keeping multiple parallel client connections in sync

yaxim has all of it

  • XEP -0333: Chat markers for delivery status.

Webmail matching gmail features

One of the most convenient feature missing in all Free Software offerings is "conversations view" - all emails of the same thread is opened in a single page saving time when dealing with longer threads.

  1. MailPile project is aiming to provide webmail (feature compatible with gmail) - it is in alpha now.
  2. mailr - webmail project with conversations view
  3. Roundcube - missing conversations view (have thread view), mobile view support
  4. Squirrel Mail - missing conversations view, thread view, mobile view support
  5. Zimbra - has conversations view, search missing in community edition (needs someone to tests and confirm)

Mailing lists matching Google Groups features

  1. Groupserver is a good option but it is hard to install (python/zope). Two efforts to install this has not been successfull yet. (see current status). We have to install, make a basic package with a script and full debian package, with each python egg packaged separately.
  2. Mailman - doesn't have a good archive or web based participation.
  3. Loomio - good web based system but no email interface.

Add form submission support to ethercalc

Currently many people use google forms to fill up a google spreadsheet. We need to build an form interface to populate ethercalc.

Package diaspora for debian

Make encryption easy

  1. textsecure - need Firefox os support
  2. kontalk - need Firefox os support, xmmp support can make it work on Firefox os.
  3. Need easy way to build web of trust (make gpg key signing popular)