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High Priority Projects

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Revision as of 14:49, 1 June 2018 by Pravs (talk | contribs) (diaspora is available as diaspora-installer package)

Webmail matching gmail features

One of the most convenient feature missing in all Free Software offerings is "conversations view" - all emails of the same thread is opened in a single page saving time when dealing with longer threads.

  1. MailPile project is aiming to provide webmail (feature compatible with gmail) - it is in alpha now.
  2. mailr - webmail project with conversations view
  3. Roundcube - missing conversations view (have thread view), mobile view support
  4. Squirrel Mail - missing conversations view, thread view, mobile view support
  5. Zimbra - has conversations view, search missing in community edition (needs someone to tests and confirm)

Add form submission support to ethercalc

Currently many people use google forms to fill up a google spreadsheet. We need to build an form interface to populate ethercalc.

Make encryption easy

  1. textsecure - need Firefox os support
  2. kontalk - need Firefox os support, xmmp support can make it work on Firefox os.
  3. Need easy way to build web of trust (make gpg key signing popular)