This is a list of FOSS communities in India who has a presence on IRC

Name Channel Server(s)
FOSS Community India #fsci
GNU India #gnu-india
Linux India ##linux-india
Hackers India #hackers-india
Indlinux #indlinux
Debian India #debian-in,#debianindia
KDE India #kde-in
GNU aka GNU/Hurd India
Linuxchix #indichix
SMC Project #smc-project
ILUG Cochin #ilugkochi
Hackerdom Thrissur #hackerdom
GNU/Linux Lovers #gnulinuxlovers

How to use matrix as an IRC client to join #fsci

  1. On Matrix, open a new chat (with Riot app this is the "+" sign on the bottom right)
  2. Invite to the new chat
  3. Say !nick <yournick>
  4. A request for new chat with NickServ will pop up (if not invite Accept it.
  5. Send "REGISTER <password> <email>" to register your nickname.
  6. "identify <password>" can be used to authenticate (in case the bridge reconnects)

Fighting IRC spam

The following commands should be sent to for OFTC channels or for Freenode channels.

Unlist the room from directory' This effectively stops all mass spamming attacks.

  • From Matrix:
   !cmd MODE #<channel name> +s
  • From IRC:
   "/mode #<channel name> +s"

1. Quiet all unregistered users:

  • From Matrix:
   "!cmd MODE #<channel name> +q $~a"
  • From IRC:
   "/mode #<channel name> +q $~a"

2. Add Matrix users to the exemption list

  • From Matrix:
    • For Freenode:
   "!cmd MODE #<channel name> +e *!*@gateway/shell/*"
    • For OFTC:
   "!cmd MODE #<channel name> +e *!*@2001:470:1af1:101:*"
  • From IRC:
    • For Freenode:
   "/mode #<channel name> +e *!*@gateway/shell/*"
    • For OFTC:
   "/mode #<channel name> +e *!*@2001:470:1af1:101:*"