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Palakkad Libre software Users Society [Formerly Palakkad GNU/Linux User Society] supports FOSS related activities in Palakkad.

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Meeting on every second saturday at Kerala School Teachers Association Office Koppam from the month of June 06

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Why we're not a GNU/Linux User Group

Many people adopt and use GNU/Linux purely on the basis of technical and cost criteria, without any appreciation for the underlying message of software freedom. We feel that describing ourselves as a Free Software User Group rather than a GNU/Linux User Group will contribute to a better appreciation of that underlying message.

Also, the free software cause is much bigger than any one operating system. Besides the fact that GNU/Linux is not the only free operating system today (our group welcomes users of other free operating systems too), one must also appreciate the fact that in the fast changing world of computer science and operating systems technology, no operating system or kernel is eternal. The message of software freedom, however, is.

What is our purpose

Advocating and promoting the use of free software by providing technical assistance related to free software, bringing together free software businesses and free software users, and propagating the message of software freedom in and around the city of Palakkad (Kerala, India).

Meeting details

Reboot meet June 2012 Agenda

Monthly meet May 2007 Agenda

Annual meet 06-May-2006 Agenda Report

Monthly meet July 2006 Agenda


List of Links

Place the Links for PLUS home page Here Place the BLOGs Here If interested to be a volunteer of PLUS pls go to link

Campus Communities

  1. GEC Sreekrishnapuram