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Hosting Providers with free tiers or credits

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Disclaimer - FSCI doesn't support, endorse or benefit from any of the following links. These are provided as-is basis. Read FAQs and ToS carefully to avoid any unnecessary charges.

Provider Credits Duration Credit Card Link Comment FAQ/T&C
Linode $100 60 days Required Promo Code taken from Self Hosting podcast, may expire ToS
Digital Ocean $100 60 days Required, Paypal may work Referal code taken from Internet, click on the top banner to redeem ToS
Oracle 30-day Free Trial $300 30 days Required Starting this also start Always Free Tier FAQ at bottom
Oracle Always Free - - Required Starts with Free Trial subscription, 2 free VMs FAQ at bottom
Microsoft Azure $200 30 days Required Gives 1 B1S VM for 750 hours/month for 12 months FAQ
Microsoft Azure (Student) $100 365 days No Gives 1 B1S VM for 750 hours/month for 12 months FAQ
Amazon Web Services (EC2) - 365 days Required Gives 1 t2.micro (EC2) VM for 750/month for 12 months FAQ
Google Cloud Platform $300 90 days Required Gives 1 F1-micro (Compute Engine) VM, under limits Free Tier Limits