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  1. let every gnome game pause
  2. add solver to isleriot solitire


  1. Add creation and verification of gpg signatures from seahorse. Associate seahorse with .sig files (detached gpg signature) and add functionality in seahorse to handle this and verify

Desktop Apps

  1. Fix column selection bug in evince.
  2. Make thunderbird new mail alarm bit more friendly. When you click on a subject in the new mail notifier it should open the mail in a new window.
  3. Lightning calendar extension to be linked with system calendar.
  4. Bluetooth gui for gnome. Add missing features (compare with kde bluetooth)
  5. Make nautilus overwrite dialog friendlier by showing comparison of files (like size modified time...)
  6. debian installer should show a keyboard layout indicator in text fields
  7. gnome-packagekit should have an easy way to add new sources
  8. synaptic should provide an easy list of debian mirrors to choose from


  1. Join Mediawiki, Firefox and Open Office to transparently edit wiki pages in WYSIWYG mode.
  2. SPAM cleanup plugin for mediawiki
  3. Peer-to-Peer trasnport for diaspora
  4. Add features to AskBot - coordinated by Rahul Sundaram for work

System Level

  1. Make DHCP client smarter while booting - first check whether network cable is present before requesting DHCP ip (use mii-tool/ethtool to make sure the link is up before do a DHCP request)
  2. Build a cross debootstrap root file system for hurd and use it instead of the native debootstrap for GNU/Hurd installer. debootstrap is debian package to create root file systems from debian packages. -- Praveen A

Build System

  1. Create a jhbuild moduleset to build debian packages from gnome 2.20 tarballs. Jhbuild is a build tool used for building big projects which has lot of different dependent packages
  2. Create a jhbuild module for a small bootable root filesystem
  3. Combine git with bit torrent - details


  1. Complex rendering support for Android ie, display Indian languages correctly in Android
  2. Add unicode support to sIFR (Free Software answer to font embedding problem).
  3. Add sIRF support to gnash (currently you cannot select sIRF text from gnash
  4. Regression Bug Reporter for Open Type Fonts using Harfbuzz or Pango rendering pipeline.
  5. Indian language rendering support in gnome-terminal
  6. Indian Language support in Scribus

Language Computing

  1. Develop python based PDF rendering library that support complex scripts(Contact santhosh dot thottingal at gmail dot com)
  2. Prepare Webfonts for webfonts module of silpa to support more languages-
  3. Find out an algorithm for language detection for Marathi language. Currently there is no algorithm to distinguish it from Hindi -
  4. Create dict protocol based dictionary for remaining languages in
  5. Package dict based dictionaries for various GNU/Linux distros so that users can use in desktop dictionaries
  6. Develop Indic-English, English-Indic transliteration algorithm and code in
  7. Add more language support to ASCII-Unicode encoding converter -
  8. Develop predictive text entry application for Indian languages using N-Gram data models -
  9. Develop fortune cookies in local language based on proverbs -
  10. Develop autocorrect extension for openoffice in various Indian Languages -(Contact santhosh dot thottingal at gmail dot com)
  11. Develop Mediawiki extension to do hyphenation based on TeX hyphenation package -
  12. Develop Drupal extension to do hyphenation based on TeX hyphenation package -
  13. Develop Wordpress extension to do hyphenation based on TeX hyphenation package -
  14. Add autocorrect feature to Firefox - while typing in textboxes
  15. Add language detection for spellchecking in Gnome applications - If we are editing a document in Gedit and that document contains multiple languages, user need to do spellcheck by selecting each language manually. This should be replaced by a language detection logic . KDE's sonnet already use this logic.
  16. Test, Fix, Release, Package transliteration based input method with candidate suggestion feature -
  17. Encoding converter in openoffice:
  18. Fix the collation(sorting) of Indian languages in Openoffice and make it compatible with GNU C library collation definitions
  19. Port the Indic cross language fuzzy search algortihm to PHP and create drupal plugin
  20. Port the Indic cross language fuzzy search algortihm to javascript and create firefox page search extension


  1. Prepare for Urdu localization that involves tasks from locale modification to fonts modifications, keyboard layouts, and translations of major desktop applications.

TODO list for Chamba Free Movie Project


  1. Create a smtp translator for GNU/Hurd. Send an email when you copy a file and file.address to the directory
  2. s5 presentation support to be added to nvu/mozilla composer. Create a presentation format s5p as a zipped folder containing s5 format presentation.
  3. pst2mbox - add support to Exchange 2003 support.
  4. When we copy some text from FireFox and want to paste it in some other place say gedit but we close the firefox window we are not able to paste the text which was copied from closed FireFox window. This is really irritating at times. So this can be fixed (Idea Contributed By Aditya Kavoor, Probably he will only take this up.) see more info about this bug
  6. Creating a debian package from scratch for multiple binaries and multiple libraries -- Bhavani Shankar
  7. Project Panakea , the social way of solving everyday problems , interested can contact Sashank Dara
  8. Automatically create a backup of the existing file with the current date and time to a specified location when the file is opened for modifications. Contributed by Gowrishankar Rajaiyan.

Have got an idea? Add it here. Want to work on an idea? Add you name, link it to user page, give your contacts there and talk to one of the contacts.

Completed Tasks

Completed Tasks list


  1. Praveen A - +91_95 six one 74 five seven 12 - for debian, diaspora and localization projects - - me at j4v4m4n dot it
  2. Hrishi - hrishi<dot>kb<at>
  3. Madhusudan CS - +91-9964584883
  4. Santosh G Vattam - 9916533941
  5. Vikram Vincent +91.9448810822
  6. Santhosh Thottingal -