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Rajeev Sharma

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Linux Leads to passion and passion leads to Linux..I have been in this cycle since 6 years and all I got is creativity...

Working in IBM in Linux SWAT Team. Member of High Performance computing (HPC) Team for Asia Pacific, and all work is to promote Linux with all it's edges and let everybody feel and see the power of TUX.

Written Redbook “Linux on i Series systems” and “Linux Integration with IBM i5/OS” .

There are some Linux and related technologies, I have worked on are,

Debian, Redhat's products. Open suse. SuSe Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), suSe Linux Enterprise Desktop, SuSe Linux Open Exchange Server (SLOX), OSCAR, Rocks, Open Mosix, HPC Compilers, Novell Linux Desktop (NLD), Identity Management Solution , eDirectory, LDAP, TDS, NetMail, Postfix/Sendmail/Qmail. Open Enterprise Server (OES), Nterprise Novell Linux Services (NNLS), ZenWorks Suite, PostgreSQL, JBOSS/Tomcat, LTSP, Embedded Linux, Operating System Hardening and auditing, Intrusion Detection Systems, High Availability Clusters, High Performance and Grid clusters, Application Porting from different platforms to Linux, Zope & Plone, CVS, MRTG,SNMP,NTOP, kernel up-gradation and tunning, Installers(anaconda,Yast), Developed and designed a Linux embedded system for 126MB DOM (Disk On Module) and 10MB Compact Flash on Cyrix processor to work as a low-end network monitoring device with LCD interface.

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