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Service Monitors

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Service Monitors acts as an interface between users and maintainers. The responsibilities of a Service Maintainer is listed below.

  1. . Check the service twice a week at least.
  2. . Check the service specific matrix room (if available) daily.
  3. . Try to reproduce/solve the problem (if possible).
  4. . Report the problem to the maintainers room.
  5. . Give feedback to the initial reporter.
  6. . Announce the status of problem to users.

Poddery - Diaspora, Matrix, XMPP

Maintainers: Diaspora - Praveen , Matrix and XMPP - Shamil (@noteness ) Monitor: Kannan (@kannanvm )


Maintainer: Bady (@bady ) Monitor: Need a volunteer


Maintainer: Bhe (@bhe ) Monitor: Balu


Maintainer: Harish Monitor: Raghu Kamath (@raghukamath )


Maintainer: Praveen Monitor: Jagadeesh


Maintainer: Revant Nandgaonkar Monitor: Need a volunteer

Note: @ denotes usernames (and not twitter)